onions and garlic. Cook Fast.

Onions Ready for the Pot with this Tip

Sandra Sturkie

I'm a believer of cooking delicious, healthy meals and match them with my fast paced lifestyle!

So, in order to accomplish this I like to have my onions ready to go any time I need them.

It's very simple, I peel and cut all my onions right after I get them from the store, then I store them in a zip lock bag with the processing date written on it and to the freezer they go!

An important thing to do is to flatten the bag in order to easily brake the onions by portions as needed.

I don't have to worry about peeling and cutting. All of those steps get done in advance, so when I cook, my onions are ready to go, all tears spared.

You may ask, Sandra, doesn't this process affects the flavor? My answer: I can not tell the difference. Onions can easy last 2 or more months in the freezer!!! Believe me, I've done it.

I hope this tip helps you in your kitchen. By the way, you can do the same thing with garlic.

Happy Cooking!